18mm Round Glass Cabochons


These 18mm Round Glass Cabochons are available in a choice of colours. Please select your chosen colour(s) from the drop-down menu below. The full product description, below, includes more information and links to patterns.


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These beautiful 18mm round glass cabochons are made in the Czech Republic. Each has a perfectly flat back and a perfectly domed front. So, these are great for seed bead weaving and for bead embroidery. They will also fit into 18mm round cabochon frames if necessary.

Colouring for the 18mm round glass cabochons

When I was trying to photograph these, I made an interesting discovery. The glass is, of course, reflective. So, that, combined with the rounded surface means that I kept ending up with a perfect reflection of me and my camera. Fascinating as that may be for you, it’s not very helpful. It meant that the actual colour was impossible to detect.

So, I have found a way around this problem. The images you see here are all from the manufacturer/wholesaler listings. If you’re thinking they don’t look much like Cabochons, that’s because they are in fact just a representation of the colours.

I always give a colour warning with my beading products. In this case, I want to emphasise that the images are not the most accurate representation of these beautiful 18mm round glass cabochons. The colour gives a decent impression. However, if you are trying to match specific beads or colour scheme, you may need my help.

For other products I am able to send out a free sample. However, since I can’t break down the cabochons, I’m not able to offer this service here. So, if you do buy and then hate the colour, you can return your Cabochon to me for a credit note refund. The credit note will remain valid forever and you can use it against any other purchase on this website.

This may all sound rather alarming. I don’t mean for that. I really cannot emphasise enough just how beautiful these cabochons are. So, I am about to share some projects with you. Scroll down and you will be able to see the beads in use, in all their glory!

Pattern Ideas

I have been using these actual 18mm round glass cabochons in a few projects. So, I have included links to the patterns just underneath here.

I made a matching pair of earrings and necklace. These used the Red Coral Lumi colour. For the pendant, I used the Lapis Lumi Cabochon. So, I hope that gives you a bit of help with seeing how the cabochons and their colours look in action.

Buying Tips

Having scared you with my words of advice about the colouring, I would now like to offer a couple of practical buying tips.

If you are starting on a new project and trying to work out the colouring, then start by purchasing just your Cabochon. Once you have that in your hand, you can then match the beads to it.

This will be far less risky than trying to colour match everything online at once. You will also get a discount on your receipt when you buy the cabochon. So, you can then use that against your next purchase.

I also offer a colour matching service. So, if you struggle with colours, I’m happy to help out.

For example, you might buy one of the patterns below. Then, tell me which Cabochon colour appeals to you, and I can advise which other beads will work with this colouring.

I’ll give you some choices. So, maybe you like a bold contrasting scheme or maybe you prefer something more subtle. This will give you a good starting point for a successful project.

If you have any questions at all, just get in touch. You can find my contact details here.

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Coral Lumi, Red Coral Lumi, Red, Green Turquoise, Blue Turquoise, Green Turquoise Lumi, Blue Turquoise Lumi, Lapis Lumi, Black, Black Picasso, Travertine, Purple Lumi, Lapis Opaque


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