Paisley Duo Beaded Box Kit


  • This kit contains all the beads you need to make this box
  • You also need to buy the pattern separately here>>
  • I have not included thread in this kit, so you do need to provide that
  • Please read the full product description below for more information

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I have recently been working with some new shaped seed beads. And you all know how much I love making beaded boxes. So, I thought why not try mixing the two? Now, may I present my Paisley Duo beaded box kit…

Your Paisley Duo Beaded Box Kit Contains:

The Paisley Duo beaded box kit contains the following materials:

  • Size 10 Delicas
  • Superduos
  • Paisley Duos
  • 4mm pearls
  • True2 beads

I have not included beading thread as I know most people already have a good supply. As with all beaded boxes, you need a good tension. So, please choose whichever thread will best help you to achieve this. If you do need some thread, I have a choice available in my beading supplies here>>

I sell the pattern for this kit separately.

Experience and Techniques

You will be using circular and tubular Peyote stitch to make the basic box. The pattern instructions assume you are already familiar with these techniques. But if you do need some extra help, I have a free tutorial you can download – just pop to the free tutorial section on here.

You are going to use simple stringing techniques to add the decoration.

I recommend this project for advanced beaders. There are some tricky parts to the box (nothing worse than on any other beaded box!). Plus, you may find it tricky getting used to the thread paths through the Paisley Duo beads. But if you are good at following instructions, feel free to try this at any level of experience.

About the Paisley Duo Beaded Box

As I said at the beginning, I wanted to see how I could incorporate shaped seed beads into a beaded box. So, in this Paisley Duo beaded box, I have taken full advantage of the shapes and colours of the beads.

I happen to think that shaped, multi-holed seed beads are great for embellishment. They give you an immediate design interest through their shape. And the Paisley Duos certainly don’t disappoint here!

So, this box measures about 2″ across and about 1.5″ high. It will hold some cute little treasures and is great fun to make.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 × 2.5 cm
Kit Type

Beads and Instructions, Beads Only


Tutti Frutti, Earth, Cool Blue, Hot Pink

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