Crystal Beaded Bead Pattern


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This crystal beaded bead pattern teaches you a technique called ‘Triangular Right Angle Weave’. I have made the instructions simple to follow. So, you can try this whatever your level.


You just need 4mm bicones or faceted beads, plus size 11 or size 15 seed beads. Each crystal beaded bead only needs a few bicones and seed beads. So, this is a brilliant project for using up odds and ends.

If you don’t happen to have any of these beads in your stash already, you can try my beading supplies.

Techniques and Experience

These beaded beads may look familiar to you. They use a technique called Triangular Right Angle Weave. So, this pattern is about me teaching you that technique.

I have used colouring to make it easy to understand. Like a lot of 3-dimensional RAW, this variation can end up with beads all over the place and confusing thread paths. So, by colouring each step, you will learn how to understand the thread path.

About the Crystal Beaded Bead Pattern

I have used step-by-step photos and diagrams to explain everything in this pattern. I wanted to illustrate the thread paths (diagrams) and also show you how your bead will look (photos). So, you should find it easy to follow.

Although my beads are made with the 4mm size crystals, you can increase the size if you wish. So, if you find it hard to hold small beadwork, then maybe start with larger bicones. You can increase the seed bead size too. This will make everything easier to hold.

Once you get into the rhythm, these beaded beads are quick to make. So, you can string them on a necklace or bracelet. They make lovely, sparkly jewellery and great gifts for friends too. In fact, I should probably issue a warning…making these can be addictive!


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