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Beading Project Ideas for a Snow Day

Snowscene Beaded Baubles by Katie Dean, Beadflowers, Beading Project Ideas

Here in the UK, we’ve been hit by a snowstorm. So, in traditional fashion, this has caused major disruption and a ‘Snow Day’ for many. For me, it’s the perfect day for beading, so how about some beading project ideas?

What makes a good beading project for a snow day? In fact, what criteria do you use when you looking for beading project ideas?

Well, I’ve been thinking about that. So, here are a few suggestions.

Beading project ideas to fit a theme

My first thought was how about some beading project ideas that fit the theme of ‘Snow day’?

Beaded Christmas Cracker Box Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersSo, since we’re in the midst of preparations for Christmas, how about a Christmas beading project? That’s actually what I’ve got on my beading mat today. I’m in the middle of making my second beaded cracker.

It’s so peaceful and quiet here with no traffic and the silence of the snow. So, I have Christmas carols on the radio and I’m nice and warm in my beading studio.

I have just one tiny problem… The beading studio usually has fantastic light because I have two big skylights in the roof. However, they’re covered in snow at the moment! It turns out that 4″ of snow actually makes things quite dark!

I’m spoilt for choice with Christmas beading projects. So, if you need a few beading project ideas themed around Christmas, check out this link>>

What if this were a post-Christmas snow day?

Well, how about we go really literal and try some snow patterns? Snowflakes are the obvious choice. If you’re a fan of ‘Frozen’ (who isn’t?!), then how about this ‘Elsa’ beaded snowflake?

If you’re one who likes a bit more of a challenge, then you could try out the Right Angle Weave version here. It’s beautifully sparkly!

I even have ice crystal earrings on offer…see how those spike beads make the perfect icicles?! Grab the pattern here>>

Speaking of crystals…

Snow and ice…cold and sparkly. Do you see where I’m going with this? Crystals could be the perfect choice of materials for a snow themed beading day.

So, if you like the sound of that, follow this link to get some fabulous crystal beading project ideas>>

Quick beading project ideas

Has your snow day given you a rare opportunity to sit and bead? Well, maybe you want a project that you can complete in the day? I mean, how good would it be to sit back at the end of the day and admire a completed piece of beadwork?

So, if that’s you, I’ve put together a brilliant collection of quick beading project ideas. You’ll find something whatever your level of ability. Plus, you’ll get some real variety in techniques. So, whether you want to try an old favourite, or attempt something new, you’re sure to find the perfect quick beading project. Just click on the button to search them all!

Bead Flowers Shop

What if you hate snow…?

I have to confess, my love of snow only extends to looking at it when it is freshly fallen. There is nothing more magical than that sparkly white world!

I’m really not a fan of the cold. Nor do I relish the thought (or experience) of slipping and sliding around once the snow has iced over.

And, I can’t really hide from the reputation we have here in the UK of not being able to cope with snow! To be fair, our climate is pretty damp, so the snowfall here is usually very wet snow, not the compact stuff you get in the mountains. This makes it ice over easily and causes so many problems. Plus, serious snowfall isn’t that common here, so it’s fair to say we’re just not equipped to deal with it when it happens!

Anyway, if you’re like me, not a true fan of the cold white stuff, then how about forgetting the snow? Why not bead a summer project? Bright colours, floral themes, fun, dreams of heat, sand and sea… What’s not to love?

So, while I was dreaming of warm, bright, long days, I put together a collection of beading project ideas to suit. If this is more your thing, you can check out the summer beading projects here>>

How do you choose your beading projects?

Now I’ve shared a few ideas with you, how would you go about choosing a beading project for a snow day?

Leave me a comment to share some of your favourite beading project ideas.

And if you want to investigate more themed beading patterns, this link gives you plenty of themes to try.

If you’re snowed in today, then stay safe and warm and enjoy your beading!

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