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Beading Fun! – Last Chance to Join In!

Beading Fun, International Beading Week 2018, Free Gift, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. Basically, this is your last chance to join in the beading fun that commences on Friday 28th July 2018! So, I don’t want you to miss out…

What is this beading fun?

Well, in case you’ve been away or getting distracted by other projects, Friday 28th July is the start of International Beading Week 2018. If you’re not sure what that is, it’s basically a whole 9 days of beading fun!

Previously known as National Beading Week, this is now an International event. It’s a celebration of beads and beading across the globe.

What does that mean? Lots of free workshops, special offers, special beading events, online classes, beadalongs. Basically, one massive celebration of beads…yay!

International Beading Week 2018

How do you get involved?

That’s simple…just look out for coverage on social media, check what your favourite bead designers are doing and check out your local bead shop.

Or, just sign up using the form below and you’ll be enrolled into all the events I’m hosting. You don’t have to take part in them all, but at least by signing up, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to be there. Imagine how you’ll feel when all your beading friends are taking part and you’re left out!






What events can you enjoy?

I announced my plans back at the start of July. So, if you’re one of the hundreds of beaders who has already signed up, thank you! And that’s great…it’s not long now until the beading fun begins…

If you’re still wondering whether to join in. Or if this is all new to you, then check out this blog for all the details>>

And don’t forget, if nothing else, you get this free beading project to enjoy!

International Beading Week 2018, Free Gift, Katie Dean, Beadflowers So, what are you waiting for. If you slipped past the form without signing up, just scroll back up and get involved in the 2018 International Beading Week events.

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