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Beaded Food Projects – the end of the diet…for now!

Cheeseburger Beaded Box Pattern, Cheeseburger Beaded Box Kit, beaded food projects, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Well, it’s the end of April. That means two things: the end of my Marvellous bead diet. And time for one of those ‘what happened this month’ blog posts. So, time to wrap things up and let you know about all those new beaded food projects.

Beaded Food Projects for storage

Yes, you guessed it…more beaded boxes. So, somehow all those beaded food projects I’ve been baking also turned into beaded boxes…

But really, what could be better? Some mouth-watering beaded food AND a place to store a little treat.

Now, I can’t remember which order I published all these beaded food projects. But my month of beading started with a new concept in beaded boxes. Forget boxes with lids. Instead, why don’t you try a box with drawers?

Yes, it turns out that a blackforest gateau is the perfect vehicle for this design. Each slice of cake is a little drawer in which you can store a treat. I couldn’t resist eating a slice while I was baking this box. But you could make it with all six drawers if you want.

So, you can be sure that this won’t be the last beaded box with drawers… Just watch this space for more from me!

Blackforest Gateau Beaded Box Kit and Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the blackforest gateau beaded box pattern here>>

Beaded boxes with lids

Now, I didn’t give up on the boxes with lids. So, the rest of my beaded food projects for storage were all a little more conventional as far as beaded boxes go.

My personal favourite is the fondant fancy. It brings back happy childhood memories and I was just pleased with how it turned out! Plus it’s a great size for storing treats.

Fondant Fancy Beaded Box Kit and Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the fondant fancy beaded box pattern here>>

However, I think the public’s favourite may just be the carrot cake slice. I took inspiration from a real carrot cake I happened to see in the supermarket back at Easter. The icing carrot tops were just begging to be turned into a beaded treat!

Carrot Cake Slice Beaded Box Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the carrot cake beaded box pattern here>>

Then, because you can’t get enough chocolate, how about a ‘Death by Chocolate’ cupcake? This design develops my original cupcake beaded box. So, I have been playing around with different ideas for icing. In turn, they have sparked slightly different box constructions. So, if you like your cupcakes, give this a go!

Death by chocolate cupcake beaded box kit and pattern, Katie Dean, beadflowersGet the ‘death by chocolate’ cupcake beaded box pattern here>>

Lastly, I tried my hand at a take-away hot chocolate. For obvious reasons, I can’t copy Starbucks, but try googling ‘Starbucks hot chocolate’ and see what comes up. Now, this may not be the best of my beaded food projects, but it has given me the chance to try a different beaded box design. So, I’ll develop that further.

Hot chocolate beaded box pattern, Katie Dean, beadflowersGet the hot chocolate beaded box pattern here>>

Now, just in case all that sweet stuff has been a little too much for you, how about some savoury? Yes, going back to the beginning of the month, my diet began with a Cheeseburger beaded box…

Cheeseburger Beaded Box Pattern, Cheeseburger Beaded Box Kit, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the cheeseburger beaded box pattern here>>

More beaded food projects

I had big plans for cupcakes on carrier beads, a bead embroidered treat and a cute bracelet. But I ran out of energy! So, in addition to the beaded boxes, I just managed a couple more beaded food projects.

Starting with the chocolate gateau earrings… I put these on the menu for the Seed Beads and More Facebook group beadalong. So, in fact although I published the pattern at the start of April, I actually made these a little while ago. If you’re just beginning to bead, then this is a great project to try!

Beaded Chocolate Gateau earrings pattern, Katie Dean, Beadflowers, Katie's Marvellous DietGet the chocolate gateau earrings pattern here>>

I have just got my hands on a stock of beadable needle cases – the metallic variety. So, I wanted to road test a new pattern for these. And what better than a little Afternoon Tea? So, here we have it – my tea and cake needle case.

Now, I’ve been finding that the beaded needle cases are just as addictive as the beaded pens. So, I can promise you more needle case patterns to come… And if you need a needle case to add your own design, you can order them here>>

Get the tea and cake needle case pattern here>>


I’ve been realising that the more different types of beads a project needs, the more call there is for a kit. So, I have also added kits for the blackforest gateau beaded box and the hot chocolate beaded box (get that one here).

Blackforest Gateau Beaded Box Kit and Pattern, Katie Dean, BeadflowersGet the blackforest gateau beaded box kit here>>

I will be adding kits for the fondant fancy beaded box and the ‘death by chocolate’ cupcake beaded box, just as soon as the beads come in!

What happens next?

Well, next month, I need a bit of a break. My energy levels have been taking a bit of a down-turn recently. I’m not sure why, but it’s pretty frustrating to deal with.

So, I’m giving myself some room to rest and I haven’t set a theme for May.

I will be beading still. In fact, I have some lovely new beads with which to experiment. So, I’ll share those experiments with you as I do them.

It is also time to start thinking about National Beading Week 2018. I have the beginnings of a ‘cunning plan’ in my head. So, hopefully I will be able to share more news of that with you soon.

I’ve had great fun following my marvellous diet this past month. So, I hope you all have too. I can promise that the beaded food projects won’t end here. But maybe it’s time for a little more variety now too… Wishing you all happy beading!

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