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Bead Flowers Sale: Limited Time Only!

Bead Flowers Sale, International Beading Week 2018, Katie Dean, Beadflowers

Welcome to my third and final sale of International Beading Week 2018. When I was trying to think of a third theme for the week, I decided to return to my beading roots. So, for three days, you can enjoy a Bead Flowers Sale.

What is the Bead Flowers Sale?

As with the other sales this week, I’ve carefully chosen a few patterns that I know you love and I’ve put them on sale.

So, today is the turn of the projects themed as Beaded Flowers. And I’m encouraging you to take a look at the shrinking violets among my flower patterns.

Shop the Bead Flowers Sale now>>

These are the projects that have received plenty of love on social media, so I know people like them. But for some reason, they haven’t been purchased very often.

So, I leave you to decide. Are these worth their bargain basement prices? Remember, they will go back up to full price when IBW ends. So, if you are curious and want to try one of my ‘shrinking violets’, then take advantage of the Bead Flowers sale now.

Why run a Bead Flowers Sale?

Well, I thought I should return to my website’s name for this sale. How many of you know why I decided to call my website Bead Flowers?

If you already know how my beading journey started, then you can skip this paragraph and move on. If you’re curious, keep reading…

To be honest, I’m a little hazy about when I first stumbled upon beads. It could possibly be the ‘Young Enterprise’ week we had at school when I was 15. We were all encouraged to form a little business, make a product and sell it to our friends. My group decided to make jewellery. I don’t remember what (if any!) I made. So, I don’t count that as the start of my beading journey. But possibly, it sewed the seeds of something…

At some point at university, a friend introduced me to a bead shop in the town. Also at some point around this time, I discovered GJ Beads in Cornwall. I know I vaguely fiddled around making necklaces, using all the wrong materials and just making it up as I went along. But the beading didn’t stick at this point. So, I won’t count that as my beginning either!

Healing beads! My first flower, Katie Dean, Beadflowers
The first flower I made after receiving Arlene Baker’s book

The epiphany came when my Mum bought me a copy of a French beaded flower book for my birthday. This was just after I had become ill. I still vividly remember the huge effort and equally huge sense of achievement I gained from making my first little flower. Then, I didn’t look back. Beading became therapy for me and that has never changed!

So, years later, when I came to start a website, what could I call it? Well, there was really only one answer – I had to acknowledge my proper beading roots…

Shop the Bead Flowers Sale here>>

Set up to help you…

As with everything I do, my primary motivation is to help others find the same enjoyment from beads that I have. So, when I was choosing projects to add to the Bead Flowers sale, I also thought back to my own journey. Yes, it began with French beaded flowers. But I then moved on to try bead-weaving.

I started by using basic seed beads. But now I also try out the different shaped seed beads.

So, the patterns in the Bead Flowers sale encourage you to go on a little journey. Think of it as wandering along a flower-lined path…

I invite you to try something new. Maybe it’s a new technique or maybe it’s a project with new (for you) beads.

Even if you find you don’t like your choice in the end, at least you haven’t invested much to make that discovery! And each new discovery is a wonderful new step on your personal beading path. So, treasure it!

Look out for…

Tomorrow, I will be launching my final International Beading Week event. I’m rounding off with another competition… And you won’t want to miss it! So make sure you stay tuned to the blog again

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