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Artists and Makers Magazine

artists and makers magazine

Artists and Makers magazine is a new title on the market which I thought it would be worth blogging about as it may interest a lot of you. When I tell you that Artists and Makers magazine is a new title from Interweave, you will straight away know it’s something worth looking at. For those of you still wondering why I say this, Interweave is the publishing house behind magazines like ‘Beadwork’ and ‘Stringing’, to name just two leading titles. They also run the fabulous Beading Daily website. So, when I heard about the magazine I was very keen to get my hands on a copy.

I am even more pleased to report that Artists and Makers Magazine wasn’t a disappointment after all this hype! Although it is US based, it still provides really useful articles for anyone who makes and sells their own work. I should probably point out that the artists and makers concerned are from all kinds of backgrounds, so this is not just aimed at the jewellery or beading markets. Nonetheless, I personally love reading about other artists. Whatever medium we choose to use, we all follow a similar creative path and all face the same business decisions. Artists and Makers Magazine is all about providing useful information for dealing with those business decisions. In this first issue there is a Q&A looking at how to use social media effectively to grow your profile. The article included practical strategies for social media marketing that won’t leave you feeling you are spending your entire life on Facebook or Twitter at the expense of actually making something. I also enjoyed reading the artists’ profiles to see how they have turned their various talents into successful businesses. It is possible to learn a lot from the example of others. Of particular interest to me was the story of artist, Kent Youngstrom, and how he managed to move from a ‘nobody’ facing rejection by galleries to a ‘name’ that people recognise. His story just goes to show that with perseverance, self-belief and determination, anyone can make their dreams come true.

The only word of warning I would offer about Artists and Makers Magazine is this first issue is very US-centric (although it is available digitally as well as in hard copy). For example, the article looking at potential funding sources for small craft businesses, is looking at US-based funding. I am sure that if the title proves as popular as other Interweave publications, the focus will broaden. After all, since the advent of the internet, the art and craft world has become just as global as any other industry. The magazine is asking for contributors and artists to profile, so no doubt they will be looking to increase their exposure beyond the US. Whichever direction this goes, Artists and Makers Magazine is cleanly laid out, attractive, full of useful advice and definitely worth a read.

If that isn’t too much on magazines, then maybe I can just get in a mention of the latest edition of snowscene_baubleBead Magazine. It’s a strange life for me at the moment. I’ve almost forgotten the current edition (issue 59) as the next issue is going through layout and I’m currently receiving projects for the issue after that, not to mention planning for the issues that will be coming out as far ahead as summer 2015! So, I’m having to pinch myself to remember that it is in fact still December and that, although my Christmas magazine projects (the bauble shown is in the current issue of Bead) may be a dim and distant memory, actual Christmas 2014 is still to come! In celebration of that fact, I’m giving away a free gift to anyone who makes a purchase on this website between now and 24th December. Just to give you a clue…it’s a little festive beading treat that I’m sure you will love!

Just before I head back to thinking about next summer, a quick VATMoss update: thanks to the huge pressure exerted by a lot of individuals who will be affected by the changes I mentioned in my last blog, the UK government is finally taking notice. I’m not sure what step the government is actually planning to take to ease the situation, but I’m ‘watching this space’ before I commit to a strategy for dealing with the new rules on 1st January. So, I will let you all have an update as soon as I know what is going to happen. Meantime, back to those beads…

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