French Beaded Crocus Pattern


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I originally made French beaded Crocus flowers back in 2003. But I never wrote up the pattern. So, now I have revisited my original design and created a brand new pattern for you.


You will need:

  • Size 11 seed beads in orange, green, white and your chosen flower colour
  • 24ga (0.5mm) wire on reels in green and a colour to match your flower
  • 28ga (0.315mm) wire in orange or gold
  • Floral stem tape
  • Embroidery silk

I have all these materials for sale right here>>

If you are new to French beading, then it may surprise you to know that it doesn’t need too many tools. So, every project requires wire cutters. I strongly recommend you use a bead spinner. But you don’t have to – if you prefer, you can thread your beads onto the wire by hand. The French beaded crocus isn’t too bad for hand-stringing as none of its components require a huge number of beads.

Experience and Techniques

The French beaded Crocus is a fairly simple flower. So, you can try this pattern at any level.

In the instructions, I have assumed you already know how to do the basic techniques. But I have also included links to free tutorials you can download if you need to learn, or get a quick reminder.

You might also like this ebook which includes video demonstrations of all the techniques, along with lots of fabulous flower patterns and instructions for making wedding bouquets. Grab your copy of the ebook right here>>

About the French Beaded Crocus

As I said to begin with, I first made French beaded Crocus back in 2003 when I was just learning French beading. I made a lot of different flowers then. But I never dreamed I would end up selling patterns. So, I did scribble notes to remind myself what I had done (thank goodness!).

Now, I am going back through that notebook and trying to work out which patterns are worth publishing. Of course, twelve years on, I’ve learned a lot. So, I’ve also been modifying my original designs where necessary to improve them.

Since the Crocus in my garden have been bravely battling through snow and freezing temperatures recently, I thought I would immortalise them in beads… Well, try, at least! I’m not sure my beaded version are quite as good as the real thing, but they are certainly a little pot of sunshine to admire each day.


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