Liquorice Allsorts Pattern

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This pattern includes 7 pages of illustrated instructions teaching you how to make four different Liquorice Allsorts sweets. These can be used as beaded beads to string jewellery or simply made as small ornaments. Please note: take care that these are kept away from small children, pets or anyone else who may be tempted to eat them as they present a choking hazard! The pattern uses circular and tubular Peyote stitch and is suitable for all levels.

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This liquorice allsorts pattern remains one of my most popular ever. So, read on to find out why!

The Story Behind the Liquorice Allsorts Pattern

My beaded liquorice allsorts were some of my first food-related beading designs. I have always loved liquorice allsorts. I love their taste and the shapes and colours that make them so distinctive. As soon as I learned how to make shapes using peyote stitch, I created my liquorice allsorts bead designs. I still love wearing the first pendant I made, which featured all the different varieties, apart from Bertie Bassett!

I actually used a mix of different techniques for this original pendant: I included some herringbone chimneys and used Right Angle Weave to make the square sweets. As soon as I wore that pendant, I was asked if I would write up the Liquorice Allsorts pattern. I was a little reluctant at first, but finally agreed to this.

When I wrote the pattern, I wanted to create a useful learning tool. Just as well – I have now taught this project at more than one workshop! You can also buy a complete kit to make the bracelet as shown.

Useful Information

I decided to make these four varieties of liquorice allsorts. I used tubular and circular peyote stitch for all the designs. So, this is a great project for learning and improving this technique.

Although I have marked this pattern as intermediate, the colouring of the liquorice allsorts actually really helps if you are still learning. I recommend starting with the coconut version, then moving on to the aniseed pimples. Finally, try the square shapes.

This pattern shows you how to make the sweets into beaded beads which can be strung on a memory wire bracelet. However, you can just leave them as sweets and fill a jar with them! For this project, you will need size 11 seed beads (you can use any brand – just make sure you keep to the same brand for all your sweets), plus thread.

Just one word of warning: these do look quite realistic, so please be careful that nobody thinks it is a good idea to actually try eating them… I’m pretty certain that beads will not taste good and they do present a serious choking hazard for anyone, especially small children and pets.

Each of the liquorice allsorts can be made in under an hour. So, this is a great project to do in stages. Whatever you end up doing with your liquorice allsorts, I hope you have fun making them. My own bracelet has led to many a conversation about which of the sweets are people’s favourites…for me, it’s the coconut circles!

5 reviews for Liquorice Allsorts Pattern

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Akoya (verified owner)

    very nice idea, great to make and delicious look, yumyum, what i missed while making them was liquoorice to nibble along

  2. Rated 5 out of 5 (verified owner)

    This is one of my favourite patterns to make. Katie’s instructions show step by step how to shape the different sweets and once you understand the shaping, the pattern is easily adapted to bead around a base bead i.e. wooden or plastic bead. I have used this pattern to shape the sweets without any filling and shaping over a base bead, also using size 11 beads and using Delica beads. A lot of fun can be had trying the different methods. And, of course, having a bowl of all-sorts nearby for inspiration!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I adored this pattern and made loads of sweets. I wasn’t keen on the result using memory wire but strung the sweets on Fireline and used a magnetic catch. The little aniseed sweets made perfect earrings. Clear diagrams and step by step instructions mean even the novice Beaders will soon have a bracelet

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Akoya (verified owner)

    @Corinne, the earrings you made are so sweet! Thanks for sharing to you 🙂 and Katie of course.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    V. (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore this “sweet” pattern, which is cheerfully colourful, original in concept and remarkably authentic in design, as are so many of Katie’s works – exceptionally clever! It’s such a great pattern – each beaded allsort is clearly written, with excellent pictures. The variety of earring combinations is outstanding as well – they’re all so adorable and tempting. This is fabulous, fun filled wearable art. Thank you Katie for sharing your originality and creativity!

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