Beaded Cake Box: Mothers Day or Birthday Tutorial


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This beaded cake box tutorial has a particular story behind it. So, keep reading to find out what it is!

The project would make a perfect gift for Mother’s day, a birthday or any other special celebration. So, the box measure about 4″ (10cm) across the base and is about 3″ (7.5cm) high. It will hold a few goodies!


The beaded cake box requires the following materials:

  • size 10 delicas in 5 different colours (total 35g across all the colours)
  • size 11 delicas in gold and green (about 5g of each)
  • Superduos in green (about 5g)
  • Forget-me-not 5mm flower beads (you can buy these here)
  • 4mm pearls
  • your choice of beading thread

You can buy all the supplies from me (check out my beading supplies department in the menu). I also have a kit that will give you just the beads you need to make this beaded box project.

DO NOT even consider trying to substitute size 11 delicas instead of the size 10s for this project – it won’t work!…really, I’m not lying – just don’t do it!!

Techniques and Experience

You will be using circular and tubular Peyote to make your beaded cake box. Then some freeform beading to add the decoration. And even count peyote and basic brick stitch to make the label.

This is a tricky project, so it is definitely for advanced beaders.

The story behind this beaded cake box

I know I’ve mentioned this before: I’m a member of a great Facebook beading group called ‘Seed Beads and More‘. It is a closed group, set up and run by Anita Adamson. But you are most welcome to apply to join.

The group is very friendly and active. Every month, they have a beadalong in which a designer, or designers share some patterns for free for the group to use during that month. So, members just need to buy the materials for the project. Then bead along together and the whole group gets to share experiences. It’s great fun!

So, in April 2018, I was one of the designers contributing patterns. The theme was ‘Katie’s Marvellous Diet’. So, you guessed it, my beaded cakes took centre stage. This beaded cake box is the design I created for the advanced members.

As Mother’s Day (in many parts of the world) is just around the corner, April seemed like a good time to get that special gift beaded for Mum. So, I designed a cake that would work perfectly for the occasion.

It also works perfectly for birthdays or at other special event you want to celebrate in beads!


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