Cabochon Beaded Pendant Tutorial


For this project you will need an 18mm glass cabochon, size 11 and size 15 Miyuki seed beads, Silky beads and Petal beads. You will be working in Peyote stitch, with a small amount of Modified Right Angle Weave and basic netting. You can find free tutorials for these techniques on this website. This project is intermediate level.

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Cabochon Beaded Pendant

I created this cabochon beaded pendant with beads from the first pack I received from the Beadsmith Inspiration Squad. The centre of the beaded pendant is an 18mm glass cabochon. These are new to the Beadsmith and they come in a fabulous variety of colours. If you look closely, the glass has a natural pattern that really reminds me of semi-precious or natural stones. This gave me the opportunity to bring out the different colours and shades in the beads I used to bezel and embellish it.

In this beaded pendant tutorial, you will first learn how to use Modified Right Angle Weave and Peyote stitch to bezel around a cabochon. From here, you will be working in Peyote stitch to add the embellishment. My initial bead pack also included Silky beads and Petal beads. I absolutely adore the shape and texture of the petal beads, but I have to confess that their hole placement had me stumped for a short time. The hole runs through from front to back of the bead, so if you just use them in the basic stitches, the beads end up sitting on their sides instead of sitting flat to show off the shape. I can see they will be fabulous for bead embroidery projects where they will sit flat onto a backing, but it challenged me a little to find a way of incorporating them into the bead-weaving. I managed in the end though! I then used Silky beads to add a texture to disguise the front area where I had created the space to hold the Petal beads. The two-holed design of the Silky beads gave me some great options for adding a decorative embellishment using a netting technique. The bail for the pendant is also incorporated into the design, using the size 11 seed beads and it sits neatly between the petals to create an elegant flower.


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