Bead Flowers

Welcome to the Bead Flowers Website

Bead Flowers is the home of Katie Dean’s beadwork. Her beading journey started back in 2003 when she saw a book about French Beaded Flowers and these origins gave Katie her brand name. Katie is a self-taught artist and first began selling her beadwork when she was asked for a custom-designed French Beaded wedding bouquet. She has entered numerous international beading competitions, frequently winning awards for her work. In 2006 Katie was invited to write her first beadwork design for a magazine and she published her first beadwork book in 2010. In 2012 she began teaching beadwork, having gained City and Guilds qualifications in both teaching and bead-weaving.

On this site you can buy beading kits, beading patterns to make jewellery, gifts or French Beaded Flowers, all designed by Katie. Her beading books, including both print books and E-books with video demonstrations are also for sale on this site or you can download free tutorials to help you master different beading techniques.

If you are planning a wedding, you might be interested in commissioning a French Beaded bouquet, designed and hand-made by Katie. For any other occasion, you can purchase beaded gifts and jewellery, or beaded flowers, again designed and custom-made for you to Katie’s award-winning standards.

Keep up to date with Katie’s beading adventures on her blog, or find out where Katie will be teaching workshops and classes. If you want to know more about Katie’s story and beading achievements, then take a look at her biography. If you are new to the world of beading and want to find out more, you can visit Katie’s other website, My World of Beads.